Quarterly Income Report – Revealing My Big Secret!

Curious how much bloggers make? Here's a first quarter income report for blogging, freelance writing, and virtual assisting.Well, hello.

In the event you occur to haven’t noticed I haven’t finished an income file on the blog the previous couple of months. Instead, I moved the monthly ones to e mail. (Join the email list at the bottom of the submit if you want to get those.)

I felt like I was being too repetitive each month and made up our minds to change to quarterly on the blog. This way I would possibly report the problems I’m doing and try my enlargement (or lack thereof) in three month segments.

So when you occur to’ve been missing my income research let me getcha caught up!

January – $5,545.04

In January I earned an entire of $5,545.04

It broke down like this:

  • Freelance Writing and Virtual Assistant Art work – $1,200
  • Affiliate Income – $1,580.86
  • Ad Networks – $2,614.18
  • Backed Posts – $150

January’s income were given right here in correct around the common mark that I expect. I felt like this was once pretty superb for January seeing as a variety of the money was once earned in December. (I highest file the money I if truth be told download for the month which is usually earned the prior month.) December is in most cases one of the vital slowest months of the 12 months and I didn’t if truth be told work when my kids were home on Christmas injury so I’m certain with January’s finish outcome.

In January I did get began working ahead on blog posts. I’d get two weeks ahead and then would have a sick kid, fall at the back of just a little, catch once more up, and then have every other sick kid.

Quite a lot of sickness passed spherical all through the top of January and beginning of February. Each and every daughter unnoticed an entire week of college a work (separate weeks although!) as a result of sickness.

February – $5,359.11

In February I earned an entire of $5,359.11

It broke down like this:

  • Freelance Writing and Virtual Assistant Art work – $1,200
  • Affiliate Income – $1,588.19
  • Ad Networks – $2,570.92
  • Backed Posts – $0

I were given to work ahead and individually working so much smarter in January. On account of this I had *was once hoping* that February’s income was once going to be higher than it ended up being. Alternatively it didn’t work out that manner.

In February I stored on working ahead on posts (I’m searching for to get a couple months ahead forward of the summer time hits) and stayed in step with e mail. This alone has been a quite massive win for me!

I moreover did a heavier promotion of my very favorite blogging trail than I in most cases do with reasonably superb results.

Despite the fact that this came about the last week of February and number one week of March I gained’t get paid for it until Would in all probability or June. So I gained’t be capable to file that income until then!

 March – $7,159.04

In March I earned an entire of $7,159.04

It broke down like this:

  • Freelance Writing and Virtual Assistant Art work – $1,200
  • Affiliate Income – $3,505.93
  • Ad Networks – $2,353.11
  • Sponsors – $100

In March I felt like I was getting problems finished! I was very productive and got even farther ahead on my posts which feels so superb. I can’t take into account the last time I’ve been this far ahead. (Okay, I’m NEVER usually this far ahead.)

A couple of of my work from the previous months started paying off and March were given right here in higher than the previous two months. After three months of working more difficult than I in most cases do it was once nice to appear that amount bump up rather.

Moreover in March I experimented with some Facebook and Pinterest ads, neither of which had so much get advantages. I may use $100 per month or so going forward to run experiments on FB or Pinterest.

Advisable Working a blog Tools

In the event you occur to’re wondering what apparatus I love to counsel for blogging, proper right here’s a list:

Domains and Web Website online webhosting –Bluehost. In the event you occur to’re desirous about blogging alternatively haven’t however started you can get website online webhosting from Bluehost for as little as $2.95 per month PLUS a free house identify when you go through this link which is just for my readers. If you wish to have help getting prepare you can find a step by step tutorial proper right here.

Social Media Scheduling – For Pinterest I take advantage of Tailwind. I started the use of this a few 12 months up to now with great results. Tailwind is quite priced and super easy to use.  You’ll be able to get a free month of Tailwind with this link.

I’m moreover subscribed to Hootsuite as I used to use this for scheduling my virtual assistant customers Twitter accounts. I nevertheless use it for mine. Despite the fact that, fact be informed I don’t if truth be told love it and would possibly maximum unquestionably do without.

For Facebook I merely use the inbuilt Facebook scheduler.

Bookkeeping – GoDaddy Bookkeeping. I totally love this bookkeeping tool. You’ll be able to be informed my entire review proper right here.

Footage – I find a superb majority of my pictures on Pexels. This web page is free with copyright free footage. If I can’t to find one there I’ll acquire an image off of 123rf.com or seek for one on Haute Chocolate which I also have a subscription to.

I take advantage of PicMonkey to edit all of my pictures.

Best Working a blog Course – Elite Blog Academy. In the event you occur to’re on the lookout for the most productive blogging trail I extraordinarily recommend Elite Blog Academy. It is dear but it was once what helped me transfer from a couple thousand dollars per month to at least $5k per month. (Join the able list or be informed my review proper right here.)

What I’ll Be Working on Over the Next three Months

My main purpose over the next month is to get ahead on my posts by means of two months. (I’m a few month ahead now.)

Do you want to know why???


Shew. It feels superb to in spite of everything announce that.

In the event you occur to’ve been a long time reader you’ll remember that once more in the beginning of 2015 I got remarried. It wasn’t too long after that once I got the itch to have every other kid. And since my husband doesn’t have any natural kids of his non-public, it looked like an easy selection.

So, we started attempting for a baby highest to have two miscarriages and one chemical pregnancy – all in a row. We were about to give up after I used to be pregnant this time spherical.

On account of all the unhealthy just right fortune we’ve had we didn’t tell anyone regarding the pregnancy until we were well past the three month mark. And I’ve been super anxious about announcing it alternatively I’m pretty far along now so all must be well…

We’re expecting so that you can upload a third kid lady to our family spherical Would in all probability 25th! It kind of feels that I’m merely meant to be a woman momma.

This pregnancy has lit a hearth beneath me. I’m gonna keep working laborious over this month and part of next to get as far ahead as I can. I would like so that you could take at least six weeks (maximum usually) off to be with the new kid and my other kiddos on their summer time injury.

So there’s my income file and primary life announcement all wrapped into one! I am hoping your last few months were as superb and as exciting as mine.

Now I’m off to work laborious and enjoy as so much sleep as I possibly can forward of Would in all probability hits.

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