Online Business Ideas to Kick start your Entrepreneurship

Fed Up with conventional Jobs? Than Be Your Personal Boss.

To start an online business you don’t need money to invest in your business. All you need is to have a clear mindset. You can make money with some communication skills and basic website skills. Through these skills, you can reach to your maximum potential customers virtually sitting anywhere around the world. Many ideas were popping up in your head about online businesses and you were imagining what your life will be if you quit your job and make money by working online from anywhere in your most suitable working hours that is the main plus point of online business. As like traditional jobs you don’t have to sit on your ass from 9 to 5 and follow orders of your boss. You can work online with ease without any boss ordering you. You’ll be your own boss. You have your own work freedom and working styles without any timing constraints but then something happens and you restore all your ideas and get back to your comfort zone. All the ideas and the time you spend on it goes wasted because you don’t want to put in your maximum efforts or because of fear of failure. You hesitate what if I fail. The number 1 rule of working online is to work like a boss is to come out of your comfort zone and give your maximum.
Instead of allowing someone to instruct you what you should do every day. Be your own boss. Tell those things to you by yourself and you have to set your own short-term goals and achieve them. Keep an eye on your goals and monitor them to make variance analysis to know what you achieve and what went wrong. Note those mistakes which you committed during the process and try not to repeat those mistakes. In this way, you’ll definitely be able to reach your maximum. To achieve your desired goals and to get financial freedom, free mind you should start an online business as there are a lot of opportunities out there go grab them but remember to follow rule no 1 to step into online business as discussed above. In my opinion, stepping into online business 2019 is the best year for you to start that business as every information you need to get started is readily available online
To kick start your online career I am going to brainstorm some online business ideas. Read those ideas and after that make a research on that. Prepare your plan and most importantly stick to them strictly to achieve your desired financial freedom.
Here we go with some business ideas.

1. Affiliate Marketing

The easiest way to earn money online or to kick start your online career is to give a short to affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is basically a commission-based business model. In this business model, you will get commission by selling services and products of other companies without owing anything. The good thing about this business model is you don’t need to keep high volumes of inventory and track them or own a store which requires a lot of investment and time to kick start your business. All you need a good plan, clear mindset and a simple website to promote their products which almost requires nothing The good thing about this business model is you don’t have to create or develop any product by yourself, all have to do is to sell other companies readymade product on your website/platform. There are a lot of websites & e-commerce business out there who offers commissions to affiliates to promote/sell their products.
One of the world well-renowned e-commerce platform Amazon offers affiliates a handsome amount of commissions to sell their products All you have to do is to just sign up on Amazon website and pick products you want to promote. You’ll get handsome commissions whenever someone purchases through your designated affiliate link. Commission varies from product to product. Some products have high commissions and some has low depended upon the nature of the product.
One other platform is Click bank. It is also a good source for affiliate marketing. It has a wide range of categories. You can choose the category depending on your interest. It has highly profitable niches which can make you millionaire obviously not overnight if you have done it in the right way. This business idea can make handsome passive income for you and for your family.

2. Applications Development

We are living in an era of technology. Hence increased demand for smartphones right now. People want new and creative applications and the people who can create user-friendly applications are in demand right now with good payout ratio. If you have sound knowledge of coding you can earn handsome money out of this idea and it cost nothing to develop and also it doesn’t need shipping and storage costs which increase your profit margin. The thing needed is your skills to code.

3. YouTube Videos

Another way to make money online is through the YouTube platform. Make good content videos for users not for YouTube because videos are becoming more popular. As people nowadays don’t want to sit on their ass for hours to read they want video illustrations. If you love being behind the camera then this is the best platform for you. It’s a very high time to take advantage of this platform. You can also make Vlogs and post on your channel. Through videos, you can also drive targeted traffic to your website which also helps you in getting product sales picked through affiliate marketing platform. Hence in this way you can double your income.

4. Flipping domains

Many people buy and sell domains to earn money as it requires little investment from you and will give you profit accordingly. You can purchase a domain at its registration price and sometimes even at lower and then resell it for profit. The perfect way to find good name websites is to check terminated list that offers you expired domains. You can purchase those domains and resell those domains to people again without doing anything.

5. Freelancing

You can start freelancing in your area of study or based on your interest Sign up on different freelancing websites like UpWork and Fiverr which connects you to potential buyers sitting anywhere in the world. You can sell your services online in return for service charges. Choose your area of expertise and make an offer for end users. All customer wants is they get value added services in return. It will cost you nothing. If you want to succeed in this business all you’ve to do is to provide quality work in this way you’ll be able to build long-term relations with clients as well. Once you succeed to satisfy your customers they’ll definitely buy your services again.

6. Social Media consultant

Large business corporations and firms can easily hire full-time staff or relevant agencies to run their social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. While small business owners have to manage their own marketing for social media as many owners are too busy with their work and they have greater responsibilities so they cannot give proper time to this.
As a social media consultant, you’ll manage their online presence. Brainstorm further ideas by giving strategies, ideal tactics and posting content on their behalf to attract their audience.

7. Create themes for WordPress.

People want attention from clients and they get that attention with the design of themes of their websites. So the demand for the themes and templates is increasing day by day. If you have knowledge about how to create such attractive themes. You can earn a handsome amount of money from that. Make WordPress themes and templates and sell them on different platforms like Fiverr, Themeforest to generate a handsome income.

8. Research-based projects.

If you cannot create themes, don’t have the skills to code, do not know how to make a website. Don’t get disappointed. You can still earn money from the internet. If you have some spare time you can do some research work on behalf of other companies and clients who can’t spend their time on it. Many organizations hire people to do research work and you can be one of them.

9. Drop shipping.

Drop shipping is when you create an online store to sell other people’s products. You are not doing any manufacturing. You are purchasing products from the third party and promote those products on your build online store and directly shipping those products to your customers. With that drop shipping, you get your commission on selling the other product. The benefit of this business is you are not risking your amount in purchasing the product and you are not gone a loose anything if that product does not sell. Risk factor, Investment factor, and entry barrier are low in this business so you can easily start this without hesitating for a profitable future. Although this business model is the same as affiliate marketing. The main difference is, in this business model you’ll be able to build your email list which will be an asset for you in the long run as you’ll advertise your further products to them.

10. Selling on eBay.

It is an old method for selling but it still works. People are selling on e-bay and making good money from it. To start selling on eBay for example what you have to do is visit a local store, buy some clothing on sale. Then put those clothing on eBay for higher prices. Whenever it sells reinvest the profit to increase your profit. All you need to do for this business is a solid plan and a working strategy to double your profits.

11. Sell Photos

Do you have an interest in Photography? If yes then you can make money by clicking photos. There are many people in the online world who is willing to pay you for that work. People appreciate your good work and will pay you a handsome amount for that quality work. Today it is easy to submit your photos to different websites Shutterstock, Fotolia, and Getty Images. It will create a source of additional income for you.

12. Web Developer.

A Web developer is a person who knows how to create a website from scratch. Website development is not as easy as you are thinking. In order to create a website, you must learn to code first which is not easy. It takes your time and needs hard work but if you do well in learning it will payback. The great thing about web development is that you can do work from anywhere around the world.

13. Virtual Assistant.

Every business owner needs help to see their administrative tasks on daily basis. But they do not want to hire a full-time employee to do this to save cost so they hire a virtual assistant or offshore consultant. Virtual assistant performs tasks that a personal secretary do which include paying their bills, travel arrangements and expenses reimbursements. A virtual assistant typically does work from home. All you need is to have a good internet connection.

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