How Do I Get Paid? Accepting Payments for Business

Different ways to accept payments for your small or freelance business.How Do I Get Paid: While you first get started running a small business or offering freelance products and services and merchandise there’s such a lot to believe. One question I’m steadily asked is how exactly I get paid. And even if the question seems simple, it’s not.

Once I first got started I had no idea how getting paid in reality worked and easily figured it out as I went.

If you happen to’re considering of offering freelance products and services and merchandise or opening a small business, whether or not or no longer online or offline, listed below are some possible choices you have got for getting paid!

For Freelancers

Freelancing is the principle way I was ready to earn in an unconventional way and is also fairly well-liked by freelancers now making up 35% of the U.S. team of workers.

I’ve found out getting paid as a freelancer to be fairly easy and by chance, I’ve under no circumstances had a client not pay. Listed below are the main techniques I’ve spotted freelancers get paid.


PayPal is the number one way I’ve been paid for my freelance products and services and merchandise. If you happen to’re doing any type of freelancing online, invoicing and accepting expenses by the use of PayPal is simple and secure to do.

Creating a PayPal account is free on the other hand they do take a small percentage of the expenses to procure.

Rate by way of Check out

Any other no longer odd technique to get paid for freelance products and services and merchandise is by way of check out. While I typically download freelance expenses by the use of PayPal I used to have one client who would send bonuses by the use of check out inside the mail.


FreshBooks is a popular accounting program that allows freelancers and service primarily based utterly business householders to invoice their consumers and accept expenses by the use of credit card or PayPal.

Despite the fact that I select GoDaddy bookkeeping I know many freelancers who love the invoicing choices of FreshBooks.

For Small Corporations

On the subject of small corporations, whether or not or no longer online or offline, there are SO many different types that there’s no one size fits all solution. Instead proper right here’s a rough idea on what to expect, depending on the type of business you’re having a look to go into.

Corporations that Advertise Physically Products at a Physically Location

If you happen to’re selling a physically product at a physically location you’re going to want to accept money and also have some type of credit card processor. If your business is small and easily starting a mobile card reader might be what you wish to have.

You are able to moreover consider accepting checks on the other hand I’d be hesitant to do so except for you have got a technique to process them electronically.

E-Industry Internet websites

If you happen to’re selling physically products on your own internet web page you’ll want a credit card processor very similar to Paysafe and the facility to simply settle for PayPal expenses.

It’s extremely crucial that for those who’re taking credit card expenses via your individual internet web page you do the whole lot conceivable to supply maximum protection in your consumers.

Blogs/Other Online Corporations

What about bloggers, how do they get paid? The method to that is many quite a lot of techniques.

I went via my income from ultimate month and received an entire of 15 expenses. They’d been made from:

  • Paypal – 8 expenses
  • Direct Deposit – 4 Expenses
  • Paper Check out inside the Mail – 3 Expenses

The best way through which you get paid will depend at the means you’re earning your money.

Getting Paid – There’s No One Resolution

As you are able to see, there’s no one solution. The method during which you get paid will also be determined by way of what type of work you do. And even then it is imaginable you can find yourself in my situation receiving more than a dozen expenses per 30 days from various sources.

The crucial issue is that you simply keep superb bookkeeping knowledge and for those who’re accepting expenses via your individual internet web page you opt for most secure platforms you are able to find.

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