How can you earn money by posting Ads, without being scammed?

Do you want to know how people are making money just by posting Ads? Do you want to earn like that? If yes. Then this is the right place for you. In this article, I am going to tell you how people are making money and how it is going to work for you as well. Beware from Ads scams as some websites offer you money by those ads and will not pay you any. In fact, they are after your money. They will take your money just by saying sign up our website, register with us and after that pay for the kit and software through which you are going to be paid.

So the moral of the story is. Never pay any money to join and Ad program.

So beware from such frauds. By reading this post you can prevent your loss. If you are interested in working with any advertising company then firstly look for online reviews as fraud and fake companies do not have any positive reviews and sometimes they don’t have any review.

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Instead of those scams read our genuine ways that how you can earn money from that as it is a talk of every day almost that people are saying how anyone is making money by posting ads.

Few questions arise in their minds when they hear that someone is making money by posting ads.

  • How they are doing it?
  • Is this a simple way to make money?
  • How much education is required in doing this?

There are many simple ways to make money by posting ads which are discussed below. Yes, this is a simple and easy way to make money No rocket science required in doing this. You just simply need a website to post ads on your blog. No specific education required for this. Only a good and running website is required for this.

Here are ways to earn money from ads posting.

1. Place Ads on your blog

Google AdSense is a program offered by Google itself which allows you to post Ads on your blog or on your website. If a visitor of your website clicks on those Ads, you will earn money from it. Sometimes you earn a few cents per click and sometimes you will get a couple of dollars. It totally depends on google and on the advertiser. There are people who are making thousands and some even making thousands of dollars daily just from those Ads. Posting Ads through Google AdSense is a proper and authentic way to earn money as these Ads are operated by Google itself.

ads on blog-ads posting

You can place your ads anywhere on your blog including the footer. But placing ads on that is not a good idea as most people don’t scroll down towards the bottom and you don’t get your required and good results. So always place the ad in the header or at the center to get your required results.

The program that pays you more than Google AdSense

Alternate program for Google AdSense is Mediavine. Many bloggers are using this and they say that this program is giving more revenue than AdSense. If you are successful in establishing more than 25000 visitors than Mediavine is the best program for you. As it pays you more than AdSense and probably will make you double your revenue. They also place relevant ads on your blogs like AdSense and you are getting money without doing any adjustments in those ads.

2.Sponsored Posts

You can also earn by posting sponsored posts on your blogs. This is one of the easiest ways to earn handsome earning. Once the domain authority and page authority of your blog increases, you will be contacted by different companies who are willing to pay you to advertise their posts. Blogs, pictures, podcasts, and videos on your blog. Before you publish their content you have to ask yourself a few questions.

  • Will this post give any benefit to your readers?
  • Does this post represent your brand?
  • Is there any negative effect of this on your readers?

sponsored posts-ads posting

There are chances that you get more spam posts rather than your likable ones. Unless you are creating content that supports online casinos, tobacco, and other questionable business entities. As the website owner only you have the right to say NO to such sponsored posts. Rejecting a paid opportunity is a good business decision rather than losing your audience or credibility. Some advertisers are paying their staff for writing articles. What you have to do is take articles from them. Upload it on your website and publish it. If you have enough time to write those articles then write for advertisers as some advertisers will pay you more for writing which will increase your profit margin. People are making $2000 to $10000 very easily just posting sponsored ads on their blogs.

3. Advertisement through Social Media

You can also earn by posting videos or content on social media platforms. Your earning depends on the size of your audience and their engagement. There are many influencing platforms to post sponsored ads on social media platforms like on.

  • Facebook
  • Twitter

Izea is one of those influencing platforms as it will post your sponsored messages for free. So this means that everything you earn from it is 100% your profit. You can also attach with other influencing platforms depending on your choice of social media to earn extra cash. The good thing about these influencing platforms is that you don’t have to sign any contract with these platforms and you can offer your services of ads posting to different networks as well.

Social Media-Ads Posting

Advertisement through Facebook

Facebook is one of the popular platforms of social media. Millions of people are using this every day so it means that this the best way to post your sponsored posts as it will be reached to maximum people and you can make handsome earning from it. This is a genuine way to make money through ads posting. You can share information about your product or service through links so that when they open your link, they can directly purchase your product or service which is being advertised. If you have a good number of followers on Facebook than you can run different ad campaigns on it as well. Through some ad agencies, you will be contacted by different companies which are going to pay you for posting their sponsored ads. If you do all the things right that this will be a very easy way for you to earn cash.

Advertising though Facebook

Advertisement through Twitter

Twitter is also one of those popular platforms of social media. This is a genuine platform as well to post ads. If you have a huge fan following on it and your account has become popular then you can take benefit from this by posting sponsored ads.

advertising through twitter-Ads Posting

There are different advertising networks which help you in posting your sponsored ads on your twitter account like.

  • PaidPerTweet
  • Twitrand

4. YouTube channel

Creating videos is the best and popular way to earn money nowadays. Create good quality content videos and upload it on YouTube. YouTube is the most powerful way to share your videos with the world. If you are not shy from the camera then you should start making videos on YouTube. Some people are getting paid for watching videos on YouTube and some are getting paid for creating those videos. Through this platform, you can post ads for different companies. After creating videos what you to have to do is to monetize your YouTube channel with Google AdSense. When your videos get good viewership, you will earn good money from that. But in order to monetize your channel, you have to certainly meet its requirement. Like your YouTube channel must have

  • 1000 subscribers at least before applying for monetization
  • At least 4000 watch hours in a year

YouTube channel-ads posting

Once you meet those requirements you can submit your application for channel monetization.

You can also earn additional cash by putting affiliate link of the product which you promoting in your videos. Once your channel goes viral or comes top in searches than your chances of getting sponsored ad increases and you can partner with other advertising companies to earn good money.

5.Affiliate Marketing

You can also earn from affiliate marketing, just like you are earning from Google AdSense. But with affiliate marketing, you will only get paid whenever someone purchases or buy a product or service through your affiliate link. There are many people who are making hundreds and some even thousands of dollars with ease just by doing strategical planning. They plan where to put that affiliate link in their content so that it will reach to maximum audience and chance of purchase increases. You can do the same if you manage to build quality traffic with your high-quality blog.

affiliate marketing-ads posting

6.Advertisements on cars

The fun way to make money without investing anything is to advertise with your car. You have to wrap your car with advertisers ads and you will be paid for driving around the city. If you want to earn more money than drive that car to crowded places in the city. A company known as Carvertise is giving people more money for advertising their content on their car. If you don’t mind people staring at your car in parking lots or at red lights then this is the best and easy way to earn money. You can sign up with Carvertise and for more information.

advertising on cars-Ads Posting

7.Virtual Assistant

If you have past experience of creating and posting ads then you can use these skills to earn money by becoming a virtual assistant. You have to post ads and content on behalf of your client. You will be paid for handling all their advertising work either on social media or on their website. Posting ads is a good and effective way to make money just by sitting in your home. You can make approximately $100K per year with this very easily.

virtual assistant-ads posting

8. Get a Tattoo

This is a very extreme way to make money but people do it happily for money. If you are a tattoo lover and you love to worn tattoos then you can make money from this by placing ads on your body. You can put tattoos on prominent places like on the forehead with the text of the company. These tattoos can be temporary or permanent as well. If the tattoo is temporary then you have to wear this at least for 15 to 30 days. If you to want to earn more money from this then you can wear those tattoo permanently. Lease your body is a website which allows you to place their ads on your body for money. What you have to do is register with this website, negotiate with the advertiser. If the agreement will be done between you two then you can get 70% of earning from this and the rest of 30% will go in the account of the company. During the registration process, you can also tell them which body parts you are using for this and which parts you are excluding during these advertising campaigns. Although these restrictions will cut down your earning potential.

 get a tattoo-ads posting

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