Best Small Business Opportunities for Single Mothers

Do you Hear enough from your boss? Do you want to quit your nine to five job? Do you want to be your own boss? If yes, you can think about a variety of small business ideas. Not every entrepreneur starts with some particular ideas in their minds. With so many business ideas it is very difficult to choose the right one for yourself. You may think that all the right business ideas of you have been taken but believe me it is not. Most successful small business ideas came from those minds who are working for someone else and they believe in their selves that they can do better while doing it for their selves. Some may be interns and some may be employees for other companies before doing it for their selves. They gain experience and momentum for their selves while doing work for others. With the right idea, hopes they can make their own business and with that their dream of having their own business will be fulfilled.

If you really want to be your boss and want to develop/start your own business then I am sure you can get your dream business idea from here.

While looking at the blooming industries year by year can be so appealing that one might want to start its own business. It is in your own strength to how to pursue them. If you act assiduously, you can be a millionaire in no time.

Here are some suggestions which entail small capital but great return:

1. Hairstylist and makeup artist

In the modern era, everyone shows interest in these instincts and earning money by sitting at home. If you are not well aware of these things you can practice by watching particular videos. Must possess skills that can transform plain prudence into a glowing person. You can start your own videos or you can offer specialized styling and makeup services at the client’s doorstep. When you think you build enough fan base of your work, you can start your business at a small rented place. Expand your business according to acceptance you get from your clients.

Hairstylist and makeup artist

2. Photographer

If you are passionate about photography or you can manage to capture the essence of anything in your lenses then you should do business with your passion. Start your client base with your close ones by capturing their event and functions and have the policy to recommend your work with others. Make business cards so people can contact at their ease. Initiate your business by providing best services in cheap prices, once you build your name you can exaggerate prices on your own terms.

photographer-small business ideas

3. Videographer

Video graphing requires good equipment that makes your service valuable. Nowadays it’s a very popular business, all you need is good editing skills with good equipment. Make sure you have a reel of your work or create a social media site and put your best work in it to attract client.

videographer-small business ideas

4. Travel planner

If you always plan perfect vacations complete with ideal locations and a bevy of quality restaurants every evening, consider advertising your services. Have strong organizational skills, build connections in such a place and bargain with the services they are providing. Find the best deal for your customers, add your surcharge for your services in it and present it to your clients. Create a website in the name of your agency and keep up to date it with new deals.

travel-part time

5. Personal chef

We all know how to eat mostly even knows how to cook but interest with good taste in your hand, that’s a whole other package. If you can cook delicious and healthy meals, you should do business with it. After all, there is a saying if you are good at something they don’t do it for free. Start advertising your services to local families and businesses alike. If you want to stand out from the crowd, offer meal plans that suit various dietary requirements.

personal Chef

6. Career Counsellor

Even in the modern world, people suffer because of incompetence in choosing careers. If you have some experience then put it to good use by helping others to make good choices. People face difficulties in finding counselors when they are in a dire need of guidance regarding career. Consider good marketing of your agency or develop modern techniques like promoting your social media sites so it can hit maximum users. Career counselors give mature pieces of advice to people to make serious moves in their professional lives. I think we all need a piece of expert advice to move on in life at some point.

Career Counsellor-small business ideas

7. Tutor

Knowledge cannot go waste, it always benefits you in every aspect of life. If you think you have immense knowledge in the respective field, you can always make money from it by giving tutoring services. Providing tutoring services to people can be a straightforward way to start your business. Advertise your services through local schools, colleges, and community centers to get the word out and build a customer base. After building, you can run the system like you are the only brain in the market.

Tutor-small business ideas

8. Interior Designer

You can start the interior designing business without expensive equipment’s and or complicated business knowledge. If you have a degree or certificate in this it will be helpful for you to understand different schemes in homes and offices. Both home and business owners look for the good interior designer who can make their place beautiful, eco and environmental friendly. You can do research work regarding different schemes from your home as well. It will be easy for you to make schemes if you better know who is going to use that room? What is the purpose of the room? If you get know these things you can plan or give better choices.

Interior Designer-small business ideas

9. Website Designer

Web designers are a need for IT and technology companies these days, that’s why this is a top side online business today. Web designing is an art of creating a good and interactive website for the people who are using it. Website designing is not an easy job as a lot of coding and programming required for this. So, if you have a knowledge of that you can earn a handsome earning from this and can become a professional web designer.

website Designer-small business ideas

10. Accountant

Many small organization and new businesses are now externalizing jobs that are not part of their main business which includes HR, Admin, and Accountant. Organizations need to track their income, so freelance accountant and bookkeeper can be best for this job.

Accountant-small business ideas

11. Caterer

If a personal chef stunt is too restrictive for you and your schedule, you can consider the idea of a catering business. All you need is necessary licenses and strong management that can complete your order within prescribed limits. Pick fewer but larger events and show your time skills as well as your cooking skills because such events can make you a name or it can defame you. If you are unable to cook for such a large crowd, practice yourself. Consider food junkies, cook for them at reasonable prices and ask for feedback. Act on your weaknesses.

Caterer-small business ideas

12. Event planner

Every business is easy if you have an interest in it. Planning an event requires strong organizational and communicational skills. Managing events at best is your strong weapon, set yourself up as an event planner of all trades. For this, you have to be highly organized and pay attention to minute details. Set your client base by your work and make sure to give your business cards at every function. Have experience in planning large events and rise above the competition. Build social media accounts and attract the audience by putting highlights of your work in it.

Event planner-small business ideas

13. Personal trainer

For those who are a fitness freak and have some experience in it, consider your physical fitness as a business. There are plenty of options in the fitness sphere, choose where your interest lies. Selecting a small business is a particular decision. But it can expand with your genuine efforts. Don’t afraid to ask for help from your family and friends and ask them to refer your work with their acquaintances. From personal fitness coaching to becoming an instructor and to personal training, you can consider your own gym. Instruct your customers nutrition meals, exercise regimes or start boot camps to get the word out.  After building the client base, try to hit communities of every gender.

Property dealer-small business ideas

14. Property dealer

Believe you me, nowadays anyone can be a property dealer. There are plenty of people who are in a need to find a rented place, you can be helpful to them if you know enough people who maintain properties but don’t live in it. There are many real estate companies who offer to work with them. They also offer a part-time job to any person if a person can give some customers to buy, sell or rent property. Means you can work as an agent under their banner and can earn margins on every customer. If you feel that you are well aware of market instincts, you can start your own small real start agency.

Property dealer-small business ideas

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